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 +====== Star Wars: X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter: Balance of Power======
 +{{:​xvt-bop1.jpg?​250|Balance of Power CD Artwork }} {{ :​xvt-bop2.jpg?​300|}}
 +Balance of Power is the only [[wp>​X-Wing_vs_TIE_Fighter#​Expansion_pack|expansion pack]] for **[[x-wing-vs-tie|XvT]]**,​ released shortly after it, in November 1997. It features 15 excellent and //​challenging//​ story-driven missions for each faction. They can be played in cooperative multiplayer with up to 8 players or solo.  The missions are crafted very well gameplay wise, feature excellent speech actors, who might be familiar from the movies and even introduced a craft not available in the original game, the B-Wing. ​
 +If you seek other players who like to play one of those missions, check **//​[[http://​battlestats.com|BSC]]//​** for the next **//​Campaign Ops//** Mission War, where cooperative or versus missions are carried out. Usually this event takes every month and lasts for one week. The participating [[squadrons|squadrons]] usually are TFA, TRA, NIR, RS.
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