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 +======Space Combat======
 +[[.x-wing-alliance|X-Wing Alliance]] and [[.x-wing-vs-tie|X-Wing Vs TIE]] both have similar but not identical keyboard/​cockpit panel display. Multiplayer melee dogfighting is done using the same techniques in either game. Missions are more detailed in XWA and not always of a military objective. There is an //​incredible//​ amount of reading still available regarding the space combat situation and techniques for better pilot skills.
 +A brief sampling of classic favorites is listed below:
 +  * ''​[[http://​www.worldwar2ships.info/​swalliance/​IFA/​Manual/​Manual.htm|Flight Manual hosted by TFA_SWAlliance]]''​ --- Well structured and complete handbook on the matter.
 +  * ''​[[http://​darkjedi.org/​club/​TRA/​kb/​index.php?​id=329|TRA Knowledge base on '​Gaming Tips'​]]''​ --- Huge, but worth a reading. Check out the Navigation '​tree'​ on the right side. See //TRA XvT Flight Manual//
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