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 +====== xwahacker ======
 +This tool allows you to modify your X-Wing Alliance in order to
 +  * fix several graphical issues
 +  * use widescreen resolutions
 +  * skip cd-check
 +while still maintaining multiplayer compatibility.
 +This article is for reference and backup only, this is not the [[http://​forums.nvidia.com/​index.php?​showtopic=34842&​st=140|originial post]].
 +Reimar, on Feb 15 2009, 03:22 AM, said:
 +"​Curious,​ with the 182.something beta driver I can force AA, but unless I messed something up it has no effect if I set in in the "​application specific"​ section (changing it there only changes it on the 7600GS, but not the 8400GS??). Setting it globally to 4x works though for me.
 +The mess is because the background is rendered as 16 bit colour, that seems to confuse the driver somehow.
 +If you do not mind that the "​review your briefing"​ and the menu during flight look very broken and the starts a bit different, this is fixable as well.
 +To quote my post from xwaupgrade:
 +Assuming you are ready to run code from some random guy on the internet (i.e. me)
 +Put them both in your XWA installation directory, and double-click the bat file (this applies the Z-buffer fix already quoted here).
 +you can also use these batch files to switch between the original 16-bit and 32-bit rendering mode, maybe it makes it possible to use anti-aliasing for you:
 +You can then delete (or move, or whatever) all those files again.
 +If it doesn'​t work I made an error and did not notice it because I was too lazy to actually test these instructions."​
 +====== Download ======
 +Get all these mentioned bat and exe files in a [[http://​uharc.net/​~snayle/​XvT/​files/​reimar/​xwahacker.zip|single zip file]]
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