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 +======X-Wing Alliance Solo Campaign======
 +This pack allows you to play the X-Wing Alliance Solo Campaign in Cooperative Mode in Multiplayer. Almost all Solo missions are playable except a couple of them won't work. As of Feb 2011, it's still in development though, so there'​s still hope these bugs will get fixed.
 +The original version of [[http://​amiralaria.free.fr/​xwam_an.php|X-Wing Alliance Solo Campaign]] is done by StarLord in 2006. After some tests [[..:​squadrons#​The Rebel|TRA]] member G_Redeye programmed a bat file to make things easier with the mission loading. This batfile also copies the needed file to get the radio voice working which was missing in StarLords version. TRA_N2QHY created an installer for the X-Wing Alliance Solo Campaign mod. AZIS from Rebel Squadrons wrote a [[http://​www.rblsquad.com/​help/​XWAMPCampaignHowto.doc|guide [doc]]] on how to use it. 
 +Waylon is working to get rid of some bugs to make nearly all missions playable.
 +  * [[http://​amiralaria.free.fr/​xwam_an.php|X-Wing Alliance Solo Campaign official website]]
 +  * [[http://​www.mediafire.com/​file/​ggxtr1p78d84eqr/​xwa_missionwar.exe|XWA Mission War Installer by N2QHY]]
 +  * [[http://​www.rblsquad.com/​help/​XWAMPCampaignHowto.doc|XWA Mission War Installer Guide [doc] by Azis]]
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