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 +The Officers and pilots of [[http://​darkjedi.org/​|Dark Jedi Organization]] (**DJO**) are dedicated to providing their members with an exciting and rewarding Star Wars role playing experience: Classic space combat adversaries -The Galactic Empire(TFA) vs The Rebel Alliance(TRA).
 +  * [[http://​darkjedi.org/​club/​TFA/​structure/​|TFA pilots]]
 +  * [[http://​darkjedi.org/​club/​TRA/​structure/​|TRA pilots]]
 +There are several other Space Combat clubs that are not affiliated with DJO, but still compete using BSC. The XvT & XWA Space Combat community generously offers the: **Officers of RS, NIR, ASF and other [[.squadrons|squadrons]]**,​ to please edit or contribute to your squadron profiles.
 +Read about the editors of this wiki who contribute on a regular basis and therefore have an entry here.
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