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 +**Dark Jedi Org**
 +The pilots and officers of [[http://​darkjedi.org/​|Dark Jedi Organization]] (**DJO**) are dedicated to providing it's members with an exciting and rewarding Star Wars role playing experience. These two Space Combat clubs are very similar but not exactly the same with regards to certain supported games. Also, the general "​atmosphere"​ of each club is different and should be considered when choosing which side to join. 
 +**Other Clubs & Orgs**
 +All clubs are affiliated with [[http://​battlestats.com/​|Battlestats.com]] (**BSC**) in which we report our games for statistics recording. Our main venue for actual online multiplayer events occurs at [[.lobby|Voobly.com]]. It is very similar to the old MSN Gaming Zone of years past in both appearance and function. Our standby gaming platform is the Errant Venture, but is rarely used anymore. If you do not have these games, most clubs can help you find them if you become a member. Choose a side! But choose wisely.... ​
 +====== TIE Fighter Alliance [TFA]======
 +[[http://​tfa.darkjedi.org|{{:​tfalogo3.jpg }}]]
 +**[[http://​darkjedi.org/​club/​TFA|TFA]]** is an Imperial club. **TFA** is somewhat stricter with minimum requirements,​ attendance, and promotes an overall "​Imperial type" of behavior from its members, focusing on professionalism and  duty. **TFA** supports only [[x-wing-vs-tie|XvT]],​ [[x-wing-alliance|XWA]],​ and [[bop|BoP]] space combat simulations. ​
 +BSC Club ID#: 1
 +====== The Rebel Alliance [TRA]======
 +[[http://​tra.darkjedi.org|{{:​tralogox.jpg }}]]
 +**[[http://​darkjedi.org/​club/​TRA|TRA]]** is obviously comprised of Rebels, as well as smugglers, separatists,​ and those generally opposed to Imperial rule. **TRA** is a more casual, less rigid club with lower minimum requirements,​ but equally dedicated pilots. **TRA** supports XvT, XWA, BoP and Battlefront II.
 +BSC Club ID#: 22
 +====== Emperor'​s Hammer [EH] ======
 +{{:​ehlogo2.jpg?​200|}} "Lead, follow, or die. For the glory of the Empire!"​
 + ​[[http://​www.emperorshammer.org/​]]
 +* BSC Club ID#: 486
 +====== Niten IchiRyu Ronin [NIR] ======
 +  * [[http://​www.battlestats.com/​clubs/​view/?​95|Battlestats Squadron Info on NIR]]
 +  * BSC Club ID#: 95
 +====== New Republic Navy [NRN] ======
 +  * [[http://​www.battlestats.com/​clubs/​view/?​7|Battlestats Squadron Info on NRN]]
 +  * Established 1999-04-03
 +  * BSC Club ID#: 7
 +====== Rebel Squadrons [RS]======
 +RS is an international gaming club that plays LucasArts games based in the Star Wars universe. ​
 +We play the following games, multiplayer and singleplayer: ​
 +Empire at War, Battlefront 2, Battlefront,​ Galactic Battlegrounds ​
 +Star Wars Galaxies ​
 +X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, TIE Fighter, X-Wing ​
 +Republic Commando, Jedi Academy, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Knight ​
 +D6 roleplaying and fiction writing ​ -- [[http://​www.rebelsquadrons.org/​|Website]] -- [[http://​www.battlestats.com/​clubs/​view/​members/?​2054|BSC]]
 +====== Red Squadron ======
 +The [[http://​crs-morningstar.net/​|Website]] is still in a good shape, but the activity seems a bit low recently.
 +====== ReBeL [RBL] ======
 +{{:​rblwik.jpg?​200|}}RBL is a gaming club and fan site for the Star Wars gaming enthusiast formed in December 1999. We currently enjoy team camaraderie endeavors in Xwing vs. Tie, Xwing Alliance, JediKnight, Star Wars Galaxies and others. [[http://​www.rblsquad.com/​]]
 +  * [[http://​www.battlestats.com/​clubs/​view/?​596|Battlestats Squadron Info on RBL]]
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