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 +====== ​ XvT and XWA Wiki ======
 +=====Welcome Pilots!=====
 +{{:​tie-interceptor.png| }} This site is dedicated to the continuation of the Space Combat simulators [[x-wing-vs-tie|X-Wing vs TIE Fighter]] (XvT) and [[x-wing-alliance|X-Wing Alliance]] (XWA). We promote online playing and special activities based on a common interest: [[combat|Space Combat]]. For those unfamiliar with the Space Combat community as it exists today, please read the [[x-wing-vs-tie#​Introduction|introduction]].
 +[[x-wing-vs-tie|XvT]] and [[x-wing-alliance|XWA]] are old games, but still hold a cult following of die-hard Star Wars [[people|pilots]]. Several active [[squadrons|clubs]] still exist, and the struggle for space superiority continues on a daily basis. Currently, we are using [[lobby|Voobly]] as the contact/​match-making platform. Join the [[http://​www.voobly.com/​games/​view/​44|XvT]] or [[http://​www.voobly.com/​games/​view/​45|XWA]] lobby and meet us there!
 +This is a wiki dedicated to the documentation and presentation of these games and their multiplayer-related aspects. It's a wiki anyone can edit, so please [[wiki:​contribute|contribute]] and ensure that the content is accurate and presentable. ​
 +====X-Wing vs TIE Fighter====
 +[[x-wing-vs-tie|{{ http://​upload.wikimedia.org/​wikipedia/​en/​4/​4c/​Star_Wars_X-Wing_vs._Tie_Fighter_box_art.jpg|X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter official}}]]
 +  * [[x-wing-vs-tie|X-Wing vs TIE Fighter]] - Introduction to the game and the active community
 +  * [[install|Install X-Wing vs TIE-Fighter]] and setup [[regsetup|Registry]] on Windows XP, Windows 7 and Vista
 +  * [[:​bop|Balance of Power]] Expansion Pack
 +====X-Wing Alliance====
 +  * [[x-wing-alliance|X-Wing Alliance]] ​
 +  * [[:​xwainstall|Installation]] - [[:​download:​patch|Files]]
 +  * [[http://​uharc.net/​XvT/​files/​xwa-missions.txt|Mission list]]
 +  * [[:​squadrons|Squadrons]] learn about active squadrons and how to get in touch
 +  * [[:​combat|Space Combat]] learning materials
 +  * [[:​download|Downloads]] Important patches and other useful files
 +  * [[.lobby|Lobby]] Multiplayer Lobby required for online play
 +  * [[voice|VoiceCom]] - Ventrilo, Teamspeak Servers etc.
 +  * [[.people|Pilots]] - See who shot the wing off your X-Wing last night
 +  * [[:​sitemap|Sitemap]] - Browse by category
 +  * [[:​tech:​issues|Common issues]] added. Technical problems you might run into while trying to play.  --- //​[[lenzoid1984@imap.cc|Lenzoid]] 2011/05/02 00:49//
 +  * [[:​voice#​teamspeak 2|Teamspeak 2]] server has been shut down, because it's not required and is consuming too much memory. The other servers continue to run.  --- //​[[lenzoid1984@imap.cc|Lenzoid]] 2011/04/27 13:37//
 +=====New and promoted articles=====
 +  * [[:​tech:​dosbox|TIE Fighter running in DosBox!]]
 +  * [[:​xvt:​secrets|Hidden stuff in XvT]]
 +  * [[:​tech:​issues|Common issues]] or technical problems
 +===== Radio status=====
 +The scene is pretty much dead nowadays. Many of the former players are looking forward to play [[http://​starcitizen.robertsspaceindustries.com/​|Star Citizen]] though.
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