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 +====== Common Issues ======
 +===== Ventrilo + XvT/XWA on Windows 7 =====
 +In Windows 7, applications that need to modify their own installation files, such as Voobly or [[:​x-wing-vs-tie|XvT]] or [[:​x-wing-alliance|XWA]],​ need to be //run as administrator//​. Now that is perfectly fine, but there seems to be just one problem with that.
 +That is, Ventrilo, when run as normal user, doesn'​t see the key presses, pressed in an application //run by the administrator//,​ or more precicely if they'​re pressed when that application has focus.
 +If you want to be able to use push-to-talk in Ventrilo with XvT/XWA, run Ventrilo as an Administrator!
 +===== X-Wing Alliance and Nvidia =====
 +System: All 
 +There are common issues of graphical nature with X-Wing Alliance. The tranparency of the HUD might not work, the fonts may look awkward or the game may run with a poor framerate.
 +These problems have been [[:​download#​Various Fixes]] addressed. Get the nvidia fix there and the font fix (cosmetic only).
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