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 +======X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter installation and setup for online play======
 +In order to play [[:​x-wing-vs-tie|X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter]] online, you need to consider the following steps.
 +  - [[:​tech:​install|Install the game]] - Copy the game files
 +  - [[:​tech:​patch|Apply patches]] - Get necessary updates, files etc.
 +  - [[:​tech:​ports|Networking]] - Port forwarding and firewalls
 +  - [[:​lobby|Set up Voobly]] - Enter the online gaming lobby to find opponents
 +====== Apply patch ======
 +After installing the game you need to apply at least the 
 +  * official [[:​download:​patch|X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter 1.14 patch]]\\ which changes your z_xvt__.exe to Version 1.1. 
 +If your game already works for online play, consider getting the
 +  * [[:​download#​Custom Melee|Melee patch]] ​
 +You will need that to be able to play 1v1v1'​s 3v3's etc. This is called the melee patch or 10in1 melee.
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