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 ====== Registry setup in Windows ====== ====== Registry setup in Windows ======
-The game installation consists of two things. ​First, the installer copies the files to your hard drive. Second it creates some crucial '​keys'​ or data sets in the Windows ​Registry. If you can't use the installer if you're running Windows 7 or Vista you can still setup the Registry **manually**. Good luck.+The game installation consists of two things. ​ 
 +  - Copy files to disk 
 +  - Registry setup
 +In Windows 7 or Vista you have to either use the modified installer disk, or manually install the game.
-After downloading the **reg**(istry) files, **edit** them first (Right-click,​ "​Edit"​) and **correct the paths**. All occurrences of +=====How to set up registry values for XvT=====
 +  - Download either [[http://​uharc.net/​XvT/​files/​xvt-bop.reg|xvt_bop32.reg]] or [[http://​uharc.net/​XvT/​files/​xvt_bop64.reg|xvt_bop64.reg]],​ depending on your CPU Architecture. Use Right-click -> Save link as...
 +  - Open the containing folder
 +  - Edit the file. Right-Click -> Edit
 +  - Change the installation path according to your game path.
 +  - Enter the path of your game like this
 +  [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\LucasArts Entertainment Company\X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter\1.0]
 +  ...
   "​Executable"​="​c:​\\games\\XVT\\Z_xvt__.exe"​   "​Executable"​="​c:​\\games\\XVT\\Z_xvt__.exe"​
   "​Install Path"​="​c:​\\games\\XVT"​   "​Install Path"​="​c:​\\games\\XVT"​
-have to match your installation pathNote that backslashes have to be escaped ('​\' ​-> '​\\'​) in the reg file syntax. +  - Save your editsRight-click the reg file -> ImportThis will enter these valuesYou can repeat this process in case any of your changes were incorrectChanges will get overwritten on a new import.
- +
-===== XvT ===== +
-====32-bit Windows==== +
-Download [[http://​uharc.net/​XvT/​files/​xvt-bop.reg|xvt_bop32.reg]] and **edit** it. Make sure the paths to your game are correctThe CD-Rom drive value, I think, isn't all too important, but it doesn'​t hurt if it's correct either. //​Then// ​ [[http://​support.microsoft.com/​kb/​310516/​|import]] it into your registry. It will add XvT and BoP paths, so keep that in mind when you install BoP. +
- +
-====64-bit Windows==== +
-Same as above with 32-bit, but the registry path is slightly [[http://​msdn.microsoft.com/​en-us/​library/​aa384253(v=vs.85).aspx|different]] (Wow6432Node). Download [[http://​uharc.net/​XvT/​files/​xvt_bop64.reg|xvt_bop64.reg]].+
 +Note: Enter the pathes exactly like this. Mind that backslashes have to be entered twice in a row. This is called "​escaping"​ and is necessary.
 +Note: The value "​Source Path" is the name of the CD-ROM where it is installed from. However, this value is ignored by the game, so it's not important.
 ===== XWA ===== ===== XWA =====
-Download [[http://​uharc.net/​XvT/​files/​xwa.reg|xwa.reg]] and edit it. It's similar to XvT.+Download [[http://​uharc.net/​XvT/​files/​xwa.reg|xwa.reg]] and use this file as described in the previous chapter. 
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