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 +====== X-Wing Alliance ======
 +{{ xwa-cover.png}} The successor of X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter. It features a rebel solo campaign, much better graphics, higher resolutions and the same netcode as XvT.
 +===== Multiplayer =====
 +This games is played less than XvT nowadays, but is still played in regular events. The most recurrent of the is the XWA Week of War at BSC every month. Occasionally there'​s also a **Mission War**, where the Solo Campaign is played in [[.download:​xwasolo|coop]]erative mode. Additionally there'​s a Race event where players compete in the **ringer** race (pilot proving grounds).
 +===== See also =====
 +  * [[xwainstall|Installation]]
 +  * [[download:​patch|Official Patch for XWA]]
 +  * [[download|Additional downloads]] -- Fixes, Packs and all other stuff
 +  * [[lobby|Multiplayer lobby]]
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