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 +======X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter======
 +{{:​xvt-cover.jpg?​150|CD Artwork }}
 +X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance are old games, but still hold a cult following of die-hard Star Wars [[people|pilots]]. Several [[squadrons|clubs]] still exist and have benefits that '​civilians'​ all too often don't have access to: New mods, exciting flight models & ships, custom missions, and special [[http://​battlestats.com/​events/?​ed=old|competitive events]] found nowhere else. Many of these veteran [[people|pilots]] have been around since the beginning, and their knowledge and experience is unrivaled. Mingling with seasoned pro's can only increase your abilities and broaden your experience in space combat. ​
 +Honing your skills with players of similar interest is best achieved in a friendly and structured environment. Like the Star Wars saga itself, most clubs are based loosely on the military structure of command with regards to Space Fleets. Rank is assigned, responsibility is delegated, and awards are earned. If you 'just want to fly', there is plenty of room for a simplistic Fighter Pilot position. If you are of Officer caliber, a rewarding career in Fleet Command is within your reach. For space combat to survive, we need a dedicated community with //​structure,​ enthusiasm and active members//. Joining a space combat club adds immeasurably to the fun, community, and friendship within the framework of a dedicated Star Wars role-playing simulation.
 +{{:​xvt_frontart1.jpg?​150| }}=====History=====
 +On April 29, 1997, Lucasarts, in conjunction with Totally Games, released the multiplayer legacy of award-winning space simulators X-Wing and TIE-Fighter. Using a state-of-the-art (for the time) network code, Totally Games brought together the nobility of the Rebel Alliance and the martial engine that is the Galactic Empire in a head to head battle called X-wing Vs TIE-Fighter.
 +A reboot of the X-Wing and TIE Fighter series is long awaited by numerous fans, but hasn't been officially announced by any company. There are lots of ideas for a serious remake. We have collated the best of them in the [[:​xvt:​reboot|Reboot]] article.
 +A small but active community around [[http://​www.darkjedi.org/​|Dark Jedi]] and other organizations still plays this now classic game at [[.lobby|Voobly]]. Factions are simplified, pilots are members of either [[http://​tra.darkjedi.org/​|The Rebel Alliance]] or the [[http://​tfa.darkjedi.org|Galactic Empire]]. These clubs provide organization and structure allowing instruction and communication to meet the needs of the XvT/XWA community.  ​
 +[[http://​darkjedi.org/​|Dark Jedi]] (DJO) runs the secondary site [[http://​www.battlestats.com|Battlestats]] (BSC) to offer gaming support and //​statistics//​ record keeping. Members enroll here as well (all sites are free) to enhance the gaming experience.
 +Matchmaking can be done through the Gaming Site [[.lobby|Voobly]]. It brings with it most components of the old Internet Gaming Zone, including individual game rooms, a global chat, and a private message service. Come enjoy the splendor of Star Wars space combat at its finest!
 +=====See also=====
 +   * [[combat|Getting ready for combat]]
 +   * [[bop|Balance of Power]] Expansion Pack
 +   * [[install|Installation]] of XvT in Windows 7, XP/2k, Vista
 +   * [[:​download#​keyboard_reference_card_cheat_sheet|Keyboard Reference]] for X-Wing Vs TIE
 +   * [[:​xvt:​missions|Missions]] Missions in detail
 +Hover the images to see the caption text.
 +{{ :​xvt_screen_xw01.jpg?​280}}
 +{{:​xvt_screen_pizza1.jpg?​280|special mission 'Pizza Delivery'​ }}
 +{{ :​xvt-mission-ssd-blow.png?​280|XvT mission ending. SSD destroyed }}
 +{{:​xvt3ddisabled.png?​280|Video option "3D Hardware"​ disabled }}
 +{{ :​xvt3denabled.png?​280|Video option "3D Hardware"​ enabled }}
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