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 +======X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter installation and setup for online play======
 +In order to play [[:​x-wing-vs-tie|X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter]] online, you need to consider the following steps.
 +  - [[:​tech:​install|Install the game]] - Copy the game files
 +  - [[:​tech:​patch|Apply patches]] - Get necessary updates, files etc.
 +  - [[:​tech:​ports|Networking]] - Port forwarding and firewalls
 +  - [[:​lobby|Set up Voobly]] - Enter the online gaming lobby to find opponents
 +====== Networking =======
 +===== Set up port forwardings =====
 +This is the most crucial and also most error prone part of the process. It may seem to be a complicated and tiring procedure, but don't give up. There are only a few things you have to overcome. 1. The router, 2. the personal firewall
 +[[:​x-wing-vs-tie|XvT]] and XWA use and [[http://​support.microsoft.com/​kb/​240429/​EN-US/​|old DirectPlay]] version and therefore require a lot of open ports for incoming connections,​ even the '​client side' gamer.
 +Most people nowadays sit behind a router, which has an active firewall running that is blocking all ports from incoming connections. Most also have a local Firewall (Windows Firewall, Norton Security or whatever). Both of these have to be set up in order to play!
 +  - Find out [[http://​www.ehow.com/​how_5147267_local-ip.html|your local IP address]] first
 +  - Then log in to your router web interface.\\ For example go to ''​http://​''​ if your local IP is ''​192.168.1.X''​\\ <​html><​span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​150%;">​ Forward those ports to your LAN IP: 2300-2400 TCP+UDP, 6073 UDP, 47624 TCP</​span></​html>​
 +==== Additional Notes ====
 +  * The only alternative to this - NAT Traversal - is not yet implemented for XvT or XWA, so we all have to open our firewalls for the time being.
 +  * If you **need help** configuring your Router, check out the great website [[http://​portforward.com|PortForward.com]]. If you know your router model, you can look at screen shots of the router setup there. ​
 +  * It is //wise// to make sure that your port forwards work, //before// testing the game with other players! You can use the excellent [[http://​portforward.com/​help/​portcheck.htm|PortCheck Utitity]] to do exactly that.
 +  * Know that [[:​download:​errant_venture]] requires the Port **1001** to be forwarded too, in order to be able to host games in EV.
 +===== Local Firewall=====
 +If you have a local firewall on your PC, like **Windows Firewall** or some other Security software enabled, create exceptions for
 +  * **C:​\games\XVT\Z_XVT .EXE** or whatever Path you Installed XvT in.
 +  * **C:​\WINDOWS\system32\dplaysvr.exe**
 +In Windows XP do that under Control Panel -> Windows Firewall or Security Center (scroll down to Windows Firewall there) -> Exceptions -> Add Program...
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