Voice Communication

Radio Etiquette

Communicating over the radio should be simple and efficient. To facilitate this, keep these basic rules in mind:

Push-to-talk mode

Pilots are encouraged to use Push to talk because of two reasons

  1. This will reduce the sheer amount of transmission.
  2. It will ensure your transmission really is intended


  1. First think, then talk. Lay out your sentence before you send it.
  2. Speak clearly.
  3. Don't use slang.
  4. Keep messages short and to the point.
  5. Keep unecessary comments off the air.

Transmission structure

To avoid confusion, a serious radio transmission usually consists of a beginning, the message itself and an ending.

Beginning Message Ending
Structure Receipient, this is sender. <Message> Over (and out).
Example 1 Bravo, this is Tango. Begin the attack. Over and out.
Example 2 Delta, this is Zulu. Say again, please. Over.

For games with few amounts of players, it isn't necessary to include the sender of the message and the ending. Yet the receipient should still be the first word. So this will boil down to something like the following:

Receipient. This is my message.
Bravo. You've got a bandit on your tail. Pull right!


Now that you know the basics you're welcome to join us at one of our available servers:


The most simple solution. You can download the client software for all Windows and MacOSX at Ventrilo.com.

Darkjedi.org server

This is the official server for the Darkjedi Organization and it's clubs.

  • server address:
  • server port: 4232
  • no password
  • Direct link

uharc.net Server

This server should still be running, but is merely secondary to the DJO one.

  • server address: uharc.net
  • server port: 3784
  • server passwrd: xvt

Teamspeak 2

:!: This service has been shut down because it's not required anymore and was consuming way too many resources.

The classic solution of voice communication software provides low-bandwidth consuming codecs. The average upload bandwidth needed when talking is 1 KB/s for the most popular codecs. All in all, this is the most robust and bug-free solution. Download Teamspeak from the Teamspeak.com download archive. The updated binary is optional and not required to join this server.

  • server address: uharc.net:44811
  • server password: milch
  • [x] anonymous [ ] registered

Teamspeak 3

The most modern solution. It has a much more powerful software suitable for running servers with huge amounts of players, while still providing very high quality codecs. The codecs in general use more bandwidth (~ 3 KB/s by default) than in TS2. Get the client here

  • server address: uharc.net
  • server port: 9987
  • server passwrd: milch


It's an free and open source project, with some interesting features. Only some of us use it, though.

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