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This wiki should be an invitative point for potential new players to inform themselves briefly about the game and how it is still played today. Additionally it serves as a documentation space in which everyone can easily share information, links, media or whatever.


Before start editing, please mind these important tips for editing on a wiki.

  • Always fill in something in the Edit Summary. It's important to explain your changes to the other editors! Especially after several edits, the differences alone become hard to read.
  • In the recent changes overview the summaries in italics are minor changes, which are reserved for format, syntax and typespell corrections only
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Thank you for reading. Have fun editing and thanks for your contributions!

How To

Uploading files

Uploading is a little hidden in Dokuwiki, but it's still very easy. Read about it here


Namespaces are like subfolders. This article for example is under the namespace wiki, hence it's name is wiki:contribute. If you want to link back to a namespace above this one, for example the start page, you have to precede .. for one folder up, so the link looks like ..:start or ..start.


Discuss in a threaded style like this

  • A-Wing is the best craft in XvT! — Lenzoid 2011/02/10 20:56
    • Don't think so. The TIE Advanced has a slot for beam, is faster and double laser power! — Lenzoid 2011/02/10 20:56


If you can help with any of the following things or have other contributions, please don't hesitate to start editing now!

  • There's a lot of excellent old training material for XvT scattered throughout the web. We need to collect those links! Some of them went to the combat article.
  • Uploading screenshots and other pics related to the game to improve the visuals
  • Add your own squadrons
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