This section provides a General overview over some of the available downloads. There is a huge variety of custom missions available, but here only the basics are listed.

Check the page patch for the official updates

X-wing Vs TIE Fighter unofficial

There are plenty of those custom modifications. In general, take care what you install and backup your game data before you install any experimental patches!

XvT Multiplayer Pack complete

Complete XvT including Balance of Power. Installation instructions included.

Custom Melees

This is perfectly fine to install. Download - It proviedes the 10in1 and 3v3 Melee Missions. Installation: Unzip the containing two folders into your installed game directory. missn.lst has to get overwritten, but that's normal.

ImpTac Ship Patch

This is a patch which adds additional craft, like shuttles, B-Wings to be chosen for Multiplayer Melees. This is entirely optional and you are advised to back up your game folder before installing. Download it here. The Balance of Power Version can be found here. However, no warranty is provided!

Keyboard Reference Card (Cheat sheet)

The original X-Wing Vs TIE Fighter CD ships with a keyboard reference printed in the manual. However, there's an A4 pdf and the original odg version available.

Pilot Editor

Let's you change pretty much every faced of your XvT pilots, except the name of it. BoP is not upported!

X-wing & Tie Fighter 95 Compatibility Fix

“This compatibility fix when installed will provide Windows 2000/XP with the compatibility settings required for these operating systems to run the X-Wing Collector Series and X-Wing Trilogy versions of X-Wing & TIE Fighter (Also known as X-Wing 95 & TIE Fighter 95) with Hardware 3D Graphics acceleration turned on. The fix also stops the TIE Fighter Launcher from asking you to install DirectX 5.2.”

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X-Wing Alliance unofficial

Complete Pack

Complete X-Wing Alliance game, no-cd patch and fixes included.

Multiplayer Solo Campaign

This fan creation allows you to play the X-Wing Alliance Solo Campaign in Cooperative Mode in Multiplayer with up to eight players! Nearly all XWA Mission work! It's the basis for the XWA Mission War event taking place on BSC on a regular basis

Custom X-Wing Alliance Missions in Multiplayer Mode

Original Article by G_Redeye

A description of a general way of storing and playing custom XWA missions which are created in .tie mission file format and playable in multiplayer mode.

Various Fixes

Widescreen Resolutions


Further mods and upgrades are available but currently not supported by most of the gamers and the BSC event rules. These files are of experimental nature, so only use them if you know what you're doing.

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